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I am who I was when I started this journey. But that's also true for the other authors around me. We bring who we are into this world of Indie Publishing and that determines the type of world it is for us. Our time on this earth is short. My gratitude to those of you who've reviewed my books, both positive and not positive And yes, a harsh review isn't a bad thing. I hope always to conduct myself in a way that fosters our spirit of love, hope and family we've created with the love stories in the Parker Universe.

My readers are part of my family. It's your opinion that matters to me. No one else's. And it has been one of the great highlights of my life that you share your life with me inside my books. Just released New Adult Romance He left her 7 years ago. Happy Sunday from Sacramento What a week. Releasing a book is always exhausting for me. So download the Prequel now! A Free gift from me. Now this is just a sneak peek, a taste of my hottest book couple yet to hold you over until Gone Guy releases February 12, That Eric is a naughty bad boy, but in the sweetest way.

How could he not be. Willow is just the match for him.

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And these two. Fan myself. They are hot and fun. And yes, Gone Guy, my book releasing February 12th will be a standalone with a HEA guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear. Please make sure after reading that you Preorder Gone Guy now! For all you hardcore Parker fans who need more and Eric! Wow, what a start to December Well, hello everyone, Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I've had myself one heck of a two weeks.

Shortly before Thanksgiving we set out for Santa Barbara to spend a few days there before hopping to Ventura for the birth of our 4th grandchild due December 1. Something just told me that baby was coming early and I didn't want a 40 minute drive between me and my daughter when I got the call. I took one look at my daughter on the last Sunday of November and informed her, "That baby is coming Wednesday at p. We better get everything finished and ready for the baby.

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Jack Frost gets 4 out of 10, it at least made me laugh from it's awfulness. Don't even bother with this piece of trash. Meoli "Leonard" attempting to act jumping up and down outside the bar, kind-of like i wanted to do on the DVD, to spare the rest of humanity the agony of watching this shitty film. The two have ZERO chemistry together - primarily because Harold is incapable of doing anything besides looking pretty at this stage of her career; but also because Brooks' character is neither interesting nor likeable.

There are 15 static, excruciating minutes at the beginning where Brooks, having just broke up with Harold, stumbles about his apartment in a depressed, drugged out state - unbearable. There is hardly anything going on on the periphery of their relationship to give the appearance that these people exist in a real world. I'm sure Brooks' intention was to shine a white hot spotlight on the affair and, in a way, deconstruct it; but if you're going to do that the writing and acting needs to be far far better than what it is here. That is the only thing that made this movie worth watching.

However, I am saddened to report that the film, while bad, is no where near bad enough to merit being in the bottom films ever made list. I have personally seen at least films worse than this one. Hardly a glowing endorsement, but it just didn't meet the expected level of awfulness to be included on this infamous list. He's a doctor who is obsessed with bats and insists they go to a nearby cave. Once there, they behave very, very, very stupidly hallmark of a bad film and are soon bitten by a bat.

According to this film, bats love to attack people and there are vampire bats in the US--both of which are not true at all. The first thing on anyone's mind especially a doctor is to get medical help immediately, but not this boob. Again and again you keep thinking that this must be the stupidest couple in film history!! But, by then it's too late and his attacks become more violent and he begins killing people to suck their blood. When it's totally obvious to everyone that the man is a crazed killing machine, the wife who, like her husband, has a grapefruit for a brain refuses to believe he's dangerous--even after he attacks people, steals an ambulance and runs a police car off the road!!

Oddly, however, a couple times he develops bat-like hands and towards the end they used some nice prosthetics on him to make him look quite bat-like. Had this been really cheesy, the film would have merited a 1. How all this was arranged was a mystery as was Moss' and McAndrew's belief that this film would somehow help their careers--though they both have had reasonably long careers on TV playing bit roles since The plot is silly and makes no sense and strongly relies on people acting way too dumb to be real.

Not a good film at all, but not among the worst films of all time either. It's easy to understand the mistake--especially since they both came out in , but the movie I just reviewed starred Stewart Moss and Marianne McAndrew and the other film starred John Ryan and Sharon Farrell. However, as the movie progressed I found I was watching it more for their acting and not because I cared in the least for the people.

The Painter's Daughter

And, at times, I felt irritated by the irresponsible and hands-off approach to parenting displayed again and again. The daughter is a 17 year-old shallow skank whose main ambition in life is bedding famous men and becoming a dancing nyphette complete with lots of "booty shaking". The son is a guy with low self-esteem that seems very desperate for a relationship and friends--so much that he throws a drug party late in the film.

The husband and wife are both bored, but rather than put energy into their stale relationship would rather seek out new partners though the wife picks poorly, as the man she "throws herself at" happens to be gayOOPS! I just felt that ALL the characters needed to grow up and had a hard time caring for such shallow jerks. I think the author's attempt was to demonstrate the utter banality and hollowness of the capitalist system. However, given that these characters are NOT typical of the average western family, it seems disingenuous.

And even then I admit I fast forwarded through parts. The '63 film version was vastly superior in all regards. Yes, I've read this one is more faithful to the original play, but what a wise thing it was for the writer to change the script in '63! It's overlong, it drags, the songs that are in this version and not in the film version are boring and unimaginative. The version of "Kids" in the '63 version was very funny and a true classic of sarcastic parent humor. This Conrad can't dance, can't sing he can't even stay in tune and is simply repulsive.

If Elvis Presley had really been like that his career would have been over before it began. As for the other actors, well I kept waiting for Alexander's toupee to fall off as he danced and Daly was totally over acting as Momma. See Stapleton's performance in the film version to see the same role properly executed by someone who understands comic timing. This TV version is nothing but a total waste of anyone's time. No racism intended, but these Asians look all the same! I can tell somewhat of the story, but heck thats about as far as it goes.

The peoples identities are not a mystery, if they were a mystery I would care about them. Heck is it boring, not only do I not know these people, but they are just sitting there. You would think with a decent budget they could at least make it look like 90s Hollywood. I didn't know the Chinese had these art-house beatniks. It is not a good movie in any way but I must say that I was pretty darn entertained. I guess it could be called so-bad-it's-good. The story is nothing new and has been done better. I guess I just have a soft spot for any carnival-esquire type film.

I would say rent this or download it but definitely don't buy it. It is not worth more than one watch. His excuse is that he only produced it. Jon Bon Jovi looks like a girl. In short, it was hard to tell which one was cuter in an anorexic ramp-model sort of way. Bon Jovi has the most charisma. At least he looks happy when he is smiling. The two Vampire Girls on the other hand are all cramps and complaints.

At one point they are about to give each other a wet kiss, but stop. Amazing how each Vampire movie has some set of morays for the respective vampires. At one point, Arly Jover is providing fellatio to a very dumb Vampire Hunter and then she sucks his blood while doing the sex act. It would have been an erotic moment except that it was filmed like a total goof, and the male actor looked mildly amused as he watched Arly Jover move her head to mimic something that was very obviously not happening.

As far as gore is concerned, a few heads are ripped off, and the blood spurts profusely. These scenes have so little suspense or build-up that when they happen it is almost funny, and there is no "horror" pay-off from the scene. All you get as a member of the audience is a feeling of "Wow, that sure was a lot of red paint splattering on the walls. I wonder who has to clean it up. At one point, Bon Jovi goes into the abandoned Church and after he just shot her with an arrow and has done so on other occasions , he says "I am not trying to hurt you.

I just want to talk to you. I want to get to know you. Of course, the dumb vampire Arly jumps out to say hello and Bon Jovi sticks her again with another impaling device. Aside from all of the other silly moments, there is a transfusion sequence when Natasha Wagner has all her Vampire blood removed, and the town people all line up to donate blood for her transfusion.

I guess Blood Type is not important? Anyhow, all her Vampire blood is removed. Bon Jovi then decides that if that blood is transfused into him, he can beat Arly by becoming a vampire also. Of course, as the vampire blood is transfused into him, none of his healthy blood is removed. So apparently Bon Jovi is walking around with twice as much blood as any human can have in his body. Nobody in it has ever tried acting before, even the extras in the coffee shop look as if they've been glued in place. Nothing looks rehearsed.

The film quality is terrible. Most of the 'action' takes place in narrow corridors or apartments with the cameraman crammed in as an afterthought, swinging some cheapo camera backwards and forwards between 'actors' as they deliver their lines. No tripod and no proper microphone either, there sound quality is terrible. Even 'Manos' fares better than this, at least they had proper equipment. What plot there is simply gets lost in the production mess. You will be in for a long search to find a movie more inept than this.

It's a moving film about struggle, sacrifice and especially the bonds of friendship between different peoples the child actor who plays Miki is especially good. There's so many large scale impersonal films set around WW2, that this convincingly told little story is a real break from the norm, and an original one at that. I'll also add that this film is far from boring, very far!! Of course the Horses are wonderful and the scenery breathtaking. To anyone who really treats their animal as part of the family I do , you'll find this film especially rewarding.

Recommended to movie fans who look for something a little different. However, something seems bad with this movie. A late attempt to switch from cerebral Moto movies centered around the plot contrivances to a salad bar spoilt by comedy relief that is as relieving as sore feet. A typecast buffoon appears from nowhere impersonating a clumsy Englishman who plays the detective, and even other characters seem entangled into providing comedy relief.

The plot may seem odd or a bare excuse to us today, but back then the possibility of epochal archaeological discoveries was not only real, but a commonplace occurrence. David Strathairn is diabolically sincere as the child molesting salesman and Danny Vinson plays a perfect pussy-whipped southern husband. The slick soundtrack betrays the murder ballad tone of the film. Director Shumlin, theatrical director, frames his action with an oppressive rigidity appropriate to the material, and the seemingly inept compositions compellingly suggest unease.

Both a dark thriller and a story of moral regeneration for the female character! In a 40s thriller! If a film like this was being made today no doubt the family would be dysfunctional. Since it was set in the 'simpler' forties, we get what is supposed to be a typical family of the era. Grant of course perfectly blends the comedic and dramatic elements and he works with a more than competent supporting cast highlighted by Loy and Douglas.

I thought it was brilliant and also very cleverly written and performed. I think in time to come it will be seen in the light it deserves, that is if they ever issue it. Many up and coming young comedy actors appeared in this and all went on to greater things. Maybe this fact will make people aware of its value and it will have to be issued. The writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews are two of the finest comedy writers of the modern age.

Anyone that can produce comedy like Father Ted couldn't be capable of writing something not worthy of publication. If it is ever issued I will certainly buy it. However, I tuned into episode one of Series 2 and was hooked all over again. This really is excellent telly; ground-breaking stuff like Mission:Impossible back in the s. The characters are well rounded, and expand as the series goes on, they change as they adapt - some more readily than others - to their new surroundings, but they cleverly remain strictly in character, and yet it is more than possible to have sympathy for someone whom you wouldn't have thought you could ever feel sorry for, when something really crushing happens to them.

I hope there will be many years of 'Lost' to look forward to - and I don't actually mind all that much if I never get answers to all the mysteries! With television looming on the horizon, Hollywood would soon be in for a very rough time. Where, one wonders, would movies have gone had television not come along, or its arrival on the scene been delayed by five or ten years? Blandings Builds His Dream House offers one particular way comedy might have developed.

So he buys some property in Connecticut and has one built to his precise specifications. Well, almost. Had he known the trouble he was in for he might have changed his mind. Then again he might not have. You decide. On this frail premise a wonderful film results, full of conflict between the middle class dream of owning one's own home and the the oftentimes unpleasant reality of acquiring one.

Nothing comes easy in this life, as Mr. Blandings learns; but one needn't be miserable just because things don't always go one's way. There is, after all, the long run. But, Blandings asks himself every few minutes, how long is long? It is not, I suppose, a masterpiece in the Capra-McCarey tradition, but it is a worthy successor to their thirties pictures, and may well have been a harbinger of things to come had the arrival of television not changed the cultural landscape so radically.

There is real warmth in the picture, and a good deal of W. Fieldsian hard-edged reality obtruding periodically, but not so much as to leave a bad taste. The people in the film are all very smart and affluent, but decidedly of the professional upper middle not the idle rich upper class. Blandings to perfection; while Melvyn Douglas is fine as their pragmatic lawyer friend, who often has to bring up unpleasant topics, such as how the real world works. There is, too, a wonderful sense of what for want of a better term one might call the romance of suburbia, which was in its infancy in the immediate postwar years, as one sees the woods and streams that drew people to the country in the first place.

These people are most definitely fish out of water in the then still largely rural Connecticut. In a few short years things would change, as the mad rush to suburbia would be in full gear, destroying forever the pastoral innocence so many had yearned for in the small towns, which soon would be connected by highways, littered with bottles and cans, their effluvia rivaling anything one would encounter in the city. Because if my Cuban exile parents would ever found out I saw this movie about this despicable mass murderer of the Cuban revolution, I would be grounded for life.

Hey wait? I am an adult, they can't ground me no mas. Director Steven Soderbergh, and newbie commie sorry Steven, but I had to take Soder shots here divides the movie in two partes on Commander Ernesto "Che" Guevara's revolutionary life. OK, I am che-chatting a lot of crap towards your way! I meant to say the 'Che: Part 2" focuses on Che in the late 60's trying to bring back the revolution, this time to a poverty-stricken Bolivia, but with far different results. In fact, Che ended up being dead meat enchelada when he was captured and killed by the Bolivian militia in Soderbergh does not include the in-between time of those two instances in Che's life when he commanded the despicable La Cabana Fortress Prison in Cuba, where he mass murdered many Cubans who opposed Communism.

That is where I think Soderbergh executed a cinematic injustice by not showing the viewers how atrocious Guevara really was. I did decide to see "Che" in hopes that Soderbergh would not glamorize him, but instead present how disturbed he really was. Unfortunately, Soderbergh did not do the latter and sadly decided to present Guevara as a Revolutionary hero, which he was not.

He was a sick man who thank God is now probably at the bottom of the devil barrel. Now, I do have to be an objectivistic reviewer and must admit that Benicio Del Toro's performance as Che was extremely commanding, and worthy of merit. And that Demian Bichir was a haunting dead-ringer as Fidel Castro in his meticulous performance.

But the rest of the cast of "Che" was primarily comprised of mediocre performances of actors portraying Guerilla soldiers. And as much as I do admire Matt Damon, why did Sodebergh throw him in the revolutionary mix in a Spanish-speaking cameo performance portraying a Bolivian delegate? Soderbergh did not have to present this biopic which is mostly "too much talk and not enough action" in 4 hours and 30 minutes. We have had too much of Che already, even posthumously with those ridiculous t-shirts, so why give us too much more of him? I agree with the majority that Jackson's trilogy is the essential film adaptation of Tolkien's work, but that does not prevent me from enjoying Bakshi's ambitious pioneering effort.

Jackson has admitted that he received at least some inspiration from seeing Bakshi's film and there are some clear similarities between their adaptations. I was for the most part satisfied by the drawings of the characters. The pairs of Pippin and Merry and Eowyn and Galadriel are mostly indistinguishable from each other visually, the Balrog and Treebeard were unimpressive, but these points didn't bother me very much.

However, the Nazgul are aptly drawn and made sufficiently eerie. The only character representation I was bothered by was Sam's; he was made to look unbecomingly silly. In addition to hand-drawn characters, live actors are incorporated into the animation through rotoscoping. It is quite apparent which characters are hand-drawn and which are rotoscoped, but none the less I found that the film's style was a novelty. The use of rotoscoped live actors for the battle scenes was a good decision and helped these scenes turn out well. Particularly good was John Hurt, who provided an authoritative voice for Aragorn.

Aragorn isn't a favorite character of mine from the stories, but backed by John Hurt's voice he was my favorite character in this adaptation. My other favorite was William Squire, whose voice is appropriately strong for Gandalf. The only actor who seemed inappropriate was Michael Scholes as Sam, whose voice acting was irritating and added to Sam's unfortunately silly image.

The only other bothersome part of the voice acting is the mispronunciation of character and place names. Particularly strange was the decision to frequently have Saruman referred to as "Aruman". Hence, this film contains about half the story, from the start of "The Fellowship of the Ring" to the end of the battle at Helm's Deep in "The Two Towers". The obvious implication of this is that the film's story is a highly condensed version of the story from the books. I enjoy the original stories and more thorough adaptations, but the liberties taken to compress the story didn't bother me, even the choice to leave Arwen out of the story.

Enough of the key elements of the story were in this film to keep me engaged for the duration and there was even a novelty in being able to breeze through half the Lord of the Rings story in minutes. The battle scenes were impressive and in particular the orc march to and battle at Helm's Deep were tremendous.

However, for me the drawbacks of this film were minor compared to the thrill of seeing an effective adaptation of half of a great trilogy.

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Ruffalo is an excellent actor, Ryan's not bad, but the pair never sizzle. To discover they feel the same is a shock, but Kate isn't ready to turn her life back over to any man. Men who've answered personal ads in the lonely hearts column featuring poetry are being found naked, face down on their beds. May 01, DJ Sakata rated it it was amazing Shelves: british , family-drama , romantic-suspense , erotic-romance. Sometimes the road you fear the most is the one that leads you home. This story is a continuation from the The Facilitator, we pick up with Lauren and Mackenzie settling into a new life together, working and and living together.

My only strong lament is that I am unable to see the second part of this "first great tale" of The Lord of the Rings since Bakshi was not given the budget to create a sequel. They advice people to see newer episodes first, so they can see just how good the show is, and understand how much it has changed since the first episodes. The cast have a fantastic camaraderie and it shows on-screen. The show has pushed barriers with its various story lines - depression, drug addiction and mainstream homosexuality - and these may have rubbed a few people the wrong way, but that is what Star Trek is and was all about.

It portrays those story lines in a smart and emotional way, dealing with them subtly and smoothly. They release bloopers for every episode, so the fans can see what a laugh they have, because they are people doing it in their spare time, with a dedication that would make many professional actors wide-eyed in shock! HF will live for a long time after it ends, as long as people still enjoy the reason it started in the first place. The interviews with the many participants from all countries set this apart from any other project.

It would be great to see a contemporary documentarian Ken Burns? With modern technology to improve old archival footage and lots of information that has been unearthed since when The World At War was produced, an updated version of this series would be welcome. The History Channel has made some fine shows dealing with many aspects of WWII but an expansive series such as the World At War has not been successfully attempted since the original. If you are interested in this era don't miss this series. It is required viewing. It is a character-driven film, and Andrew and David are more than up to the task.

Well-filmed and well-paced too. It had the audience laughing the whole time. See it if you can. I particularly liked the "Candy bar! Candy bar! At the beginning of this criminally underrated Whoopi Goldberg flick the writers draw a parallel between Theodore Rex and the Orson Welles classic "Citizen Kane". The writers are justified in drawing such a seemingly disparate parallel, but the viewing public is too often hoodwinked into seeing overly hyped Hollywood schlock to appreciate the subtle similarities between these two movies.

In "Citizen Kane" Charles Foster Kane is feared and admired by his colleagues and his underlings, much like Whoopi Goldberg in this movie. This movie is about finding love in everybody's differences. It is an epic examination of the fear of abandonment and the need for love and acceptance in a society that is dominated by greed and self-absorption.

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If you would love to watch an uplifting, celluloid philosophical examination of some of humanity's deepest drives; Bergman-esqe but not as depressing, Theodore Rex should be viewed immediately! This is such a wonderful movie! I loved it. I love stories where different characters' lives intersect with others and how deal with their lives. I've never much like Martin or his style, but here he is great. I loved the whole speech he gave to Kline near the end about the Grand Canyon.

The writing was excellent. Here, he has formed several three-dimensional characters and well thought out storylines, and messages that give a positive feel to our lives. A truly excellent film. I was touched with the lives that paulie touched along his way to find his "marie" the little girl he was separated from. The humor was also very good and it did not hurt the story as i thought it would probably do. Actually i was expecting "paulie wants a cracker" jokes to hurt this film but even that was done in a very humorous scene that turns very touching when paulie is in the research lab press room conference.

So if you wish to see a good "animal that talks" film check this one out, much better than Dr. The drawings were just amazing.

Too bad it ended before it begun. The mayor of the island, Pufnstuf, allegedly a dragon, looking more like a newt with conjunctivitis to me, and a magic talking flute are targeted by a witch Billie Halliday, who was considered 'a bit of alright' at the time. The boy dresses in drag then as a 'fairy' to recover the flute.

Also, it was one of those movies originally filmed in video, so the prints from the theater can't have been that great. Still, performances by Redd Foxx and others were pretty good. For that reason alone, it's pretty interesting- if not a little "hollywood". Don't believe me?

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What Lies Behind the Smile (Looking Behind: Part 2) (Sizzling Erotic Thriller) - Kindle edition by Danielle Lewis. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Looking Behind Series is a 4 part erotic thriller **Adults only** Looking Behind Series Adventure had always eluded Julie in her life - it was the only thing she'd.

Check out lines about curtains, etc. Very stereotypical. Not too deep. There is a side splitting scene when Redd Foxx is trying to find his wife, who's run away with his brother! The phone conversation across the border is really memorable. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only time that routine was filmed.

And, it's a slightly cleaned up and much shorter version, I'm told. Still, it's vintage Madame, and shouldn't be missed. People are still stealing lines from Wayland; the man was truly gifted. Enjoy the movie! I think the Acting and Casting is just perfect, Each Character brings Something Unique to the show that adds to it's perfection. I will always be a fan of this show though, And I Recommend this to anyone who likes a lot of talking and a lot of love from the shows they watch.

Unexperienced in the ways of females and courting, Brooklyn quickly enlists Joe to help him win Aunt Susie over. Along the way, however, Joe finds himself falling for the gal he thinks belongs to his best friend. How is Brooklyn going to take this betrayal? And does Joe end up with Susie, who loves him too? Having now seen both films a third time, I still stand by that judgement. I'm not quite sure why this is. The typical argument is that the latter film is over-long: at almost two and a half hours, this is certainly a valid criticism to make.

I certainly felt the length the first two times I saw it! However, it's also a film that grows on you--the more you see it, the shorter it feels and the more you appreciate the technical mastery involved in its making. And yet, something just doesn't hang together quite right. No opportunity to shoehorn a musical number in was given up It has 16 numbers give or take a few , and no matter how big a fan you are of Kelly or Sinatra, this really starts to turn one numb after a while. You might well feel that each song, each dance, can't be taken out of the film without leaving it lacking But that's also because the writers weren't more restrained in adding them in in the first place.

It's also hard to miss with a cast of this calibre. Grayson is sweet and seems to improve on each viewing her voice becoming stunning rather than frightening ; Jose Iturbi's role is written sympathetically and he does a great job with it; even Clarence's own Brooklyn, Pamela Britton, is cute and charming His singing is, as usual, simply faultless from enunciation through to timing and phrasing.

His solo numbers might seem to drag a little, but when you've got the voice of a century, showcasing it is probably as good a reason as any to slow up the rest of the film! His Joe Brady is a believable, real character--he's tough on the outside, glib and willing to lie when necessary to win a gal, but he's actually the biggest softy on the inside. Kelly makes this charming rather than cloying, but also gives Joe a real edge that you see in the scene when Joe chases Brooklyn around the room with a genuinely murderous look on his face and his breakfast tray in his hands.

But once again, if it's Gene Kelly doing the softshoe, or tapping across the screen in a sailor's outfit or dressed up as a bandit chief All of Kelly's dances are breathtaking, be it the pared-down simplicity of his tap number with Sinatra to 'I Begged Her', his 'Mexican Hat Dance' with the sweet wide-eyed little girl, or his lavish Spanish-influenced dance 'La Cumparsita'. A well-deserved golden film memory, to be sure--it's not often that one can say you're impressed by the special effects in a film made in , given the saturation of CGI in the contemporary film market.

But Gene and Jerry still look great, with Kelly always hitting his spots and looking exactly where he needs to look. Watch it first, then again and maybe again--it'll grow on you before you realise it! The plot focuses on two main ideas; prison and black magic.

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He is put in a cell with three others; the quietly insane Lassalle, body building transvestite Marcus and his retarded boyfriend Daisy. After a short while in the cell together, they stumble upon a hiding place in the wall that contains an old journal. After translating part of it, they soon realise its magical powers and realise they may be able to use it to break through the prison walls.

Director Eric Valette provides a great atmosphere for the film; the fact that most of it takes place inside the central prison cell ensures that the film feels very claustrophobic, and this immensely benefits the central idea of the prisoners wanting to use magic to break out of the cell - it's very easy to get behind them! The film is memorable for a lot of reasons outside the central plot; the characters are all very interesting in their own way and the fact that the book itself almost takes on its own character is very well done.

Anyone worried that the film won't deliver by the end won't be disappointed either as the ending both makes sense and manages to be quite horrifying! Oscar-caliber work by everyone involved, both in front of and behind the camera. The screenplay is perfect, and works out the relationship between Lady Caroline and George Briggs in a completely satisfying way, unlike the novel. The care with which the other leading characters have been drawn is a tribute to screen writer Peter Barnes, and the intense visual beauty should have won Oscars for director Mike Newell and cinematographer Rex Maidment.

It is Josie Lawrence's best work by far, and transformed my opinion of Joan Plowright. Having watched this movie at least 50 times, I can find no fault in it. The music, by famed composer Richard Rodney Bennet is a marvel. While it may be somewhat easy, you have to play it several times to get all the costumes and comic book covers, which makes up for how easy it is to get through the game.

It may seem hard to control at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be web-slinging like Spider-Man himself. The first boss, Scorpion, is incredibly easy to beat, which shouldn't be so because as fans of the comic books know, Scorpion is one of Spider-Man's most deadly villains. The second boss, Rhino, is also very easy. The 3rd boss is Venom, who is in my opinion the easiest boss in the game, which definately shouldn't be. The 4th boss is Venom again.

This time, he is a little bit more difficult to beat but still easy. The 5th boss is Mysterio, who I think is the funnest boss to battle in the game. He is also one of the harder bosses, but once again, still fairly easy. Next boss is Carnage, who is, you guessed it, easy to beat. But Carnage is actually kind of fun to fight. The 8th and final boss is exclusive to the game, never in a comic book or cartoon. I won't spoil it for you for those of you who haven't played the game, but the boss is the only boss in the game that isn't too easy.

Took me 4 or 5 tries to beat while the others I beat on the first or second tries. I gave it an 8 out of They didn't use them in the sequel to this game either! Well the Green Goblin is the villain in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, so hopefully they will make a video game based on the movie. Warren Beatty is only fair as the comic book hero. What saves this movie is the set, the incredible cast and it offshoots a mediocre script. I really expected something more substantial in the terms of action, or plot but I got very little. The main reason to watch this movie is to watch some of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the time in such an unusual film.

She did not belong in this movie and her acting job was pretty bad. The movie at some points just stood still. You expected something more and you got nothing. Al Pacino plays a really bad dude and he does pretty good. He and Beatty do make an excellent good guy and bad guy. I did not see Ishtar but I heard bad things. The thing about this movie is it is good, but it could have been so much better. I liked it as a child because I thought it looked cool, and visually the movie is amazing, the sets are incredible, the writing is only fair, and with such a cast in the movie I would expect a little better anyway.

It was interesting but for such a grand scale film I just thought it could have ended with a little more of a bang. The reason to watch this movie is the atmosphere. The movie only uses the 7 comic book colors making it all that more excellent visually anyway. The facial makeup for the villains was great. Beatty is just not up to such a bigger than life character. Still, this is a good movie that could have been much much more. It is to me better than Batman, the other comic book adaptation that came out close to the same time.

Of course that movie was much bigger in terms of gross. Cook, Jr. Fantastic actor, great flick. A few twists that keep you moving. A must-see. The humor was a bit absent at times but I enjoyed how the story moved between dramatic and serious throughout the film. This is the only the second movie where I saw Verdone acting the other was 'Un sacco bello' , and I can see why Italians find him tiresome, but he think he played his role well as the loving father. I always think it is important for movies to have a place to give the viewers something to relate to. Maybe I missed something?

It's not a Fellini or a Rossellini - it's not realism or neo-realism. It's a comical story with serious moments that could really happen to any of us. As the summer warms on, they fall in love and, when the holidays end, decide to live together. He survives and, in order to get perspective back on his life he returns to the seaside town where they first met, this time cloaked in the chill of winter.

Fortunately, the three time-lines used the summer of love, the post-suicide psychiatric hospital and the winter of reconstruction are colour coded: warm yellows and oranges for the summer, an almost frighteningly chill blue for the hospital scenes and warming browns and blues for the winter seaside. Beautifully crafted gestures get across far more than dialogue ever could. But here the story ends: A teenage passion, over within the year, another perhaps beginning.