The Public Mirror: Moliere and the Social Commerce of Depiction

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Please select New : New. Leave this field blank:. Taxi drivers, street sweepers, a bouquiniste, unsuccessful prostitutes, a menaced bicycle rider, noisy children, an old woman shunted aside in a crowd, and some disgruntled animals at the zoo populate these poems. Unreeling like a series of clips recorded during a stroll through Paris, the book is Auden at Work.

These essays from a distinguished, international group of scholars trace the process of thinking and creation in one of the great literary minds of the twentieth century. Archival and newly available materials reveal this canonical author's composition process and artistic virtuosity.

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By: Iovene, Paola. Most studies of Chinese literature conflate the category of the future with notions of progress and nation building, and with the utopian visions broadcast by the Maoist and post-Mao developmental state. The future is thus understood as a preconceived endpoint that is propagated, at times even By: Kendrick, Robert L.

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Pursuing Privacy in Cold War America. By: Nelson, Deborah. Pursuing Privacy in Cold War America explores the relationship between confessional poetry and constitutional privacy doctrine, both of which emerged at the end of the s. By: Nickell, William.

The Misanthrope

In the middle of the night of October 28, , Leo Tolstoy, the most famous man in Russia, vanished. By: Norman, Larry F. The cultural battle known as the Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns served as a sly cover for more deeply opposed views about the value of literature and the arts. As an aesthetic ideal, classicism is often associated with a conventional set of rules founded on supposedly timeless notions such as order, reason, and decorum.

Theatrical Baroque.

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The late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are frequently labeled the age of theater. By: Beachy-Quick, Dan. By: Reddy, Srikanth. Theoretical accounts of modern American poetry often regard literary texts as the expression of a subjectivity irremediably fractured by the dividing practices of power. Readings in World Literature.

Gals Who Make the Jokes: Feature Film Screenwriting for the Satirical Female Voice

By: Reddy. Readings in World Literature is the daybook of a speaker haunted by the prospect of perpetual night. Srikanth Reddy's second book of poetry probes this world's cosmological relation to the plurality of all possible worlds. Facts for Visitors.

Speaking in the wake of empire, of terrestrial love and of the collapse of traditional literary forms, the protagonist of this collection of poetry reconstructs a world from the language of encyclopedias, instruction manuals, and the literary legacies of Wallace Stevens, W. The Readymade Thief. By: Rose, Augustus.

The Happiness Philosophers. Boursault replied to Boileau in his Satire des satires , but was afterwards reconciled to him, when Boileau on his side erased his name from his satires. His lack of dramatic instinct could hardly be better indicated than by the scheme of his Esope , which allows the fabulist to come on the stage in each scene and recite a fable.

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Boursault died in Paris on 15 September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cambridge University Press. Categories : births deaths People from Aube 17th-century French dramatists and playwrights 18th-century French dramatists and playwrights 17th-century male writers 17th-century French novelists Tax collectors 18th-century male writers.

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He has edited multiple volumes on the relation between theater, book history, and the visual arts in early modern Europe and has co-edited a collection of essays on classicisms. Otto Manninen, Le Malade imaginaire, prod. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Sports Women sports wear Men sportswear Women athlatic shoes Men athlatic shoes. Be the first to rate this product Rate this product:.