Muscular Christianity - a short story

Muscular Christianity
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Muscular Christianity, the YMCA and Basketball

His father, Charles, though reared to be a country gentleman, had taken Holy Orders because of the financial mismanagement of his inheritance. Kingsley's mother, Mary, more worldly and practical than his father, was born in the West Indies and came from a line of Barbadian sugar-plantation owners.

Kingsley was not academically outstanding, though he displayed great interest in art and natural science, especially botany and geology, and wrote much poetry. After the family moved to London in Kingsley entered King'sCollege as a day student. He did well and in the autumn of went to Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a first class in classics and a second in mathematics. After taking holy orders Kingsley in July became curate in Eversley, Hampshire.

At about this time, influenced by F. Maurice's Kingdom of Christ , he became convinced that true religion could not remain distinct from social and political issues or the temporal needs of mankind. This leave-it-all-on-the-field work ethic drove Studd to extremes.

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After years of work in his Congolese "Heart of Africa mission," C. That shocking phrase, initialized in the booklet's title, offended many of even his strongest supporters. It also represented an intensity of commitment that soon took a dramatic physical toll: after a long struggle with a variety of illnesses made worse by his brutal self-imposed schedule, Studd became addicted to morphine tablets—the only way he could keep himself going—and had to be removed from the mission by then called the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade [WEC].

Today, however, the dark side of what might be called the "athletic ethic" has little to do with an excess of evangelistic zeal, and everything to do with the usual muck of life in a country too rich and self-indulgent for its own good. Perhaps the memory of the original ideals will spark some modern reformer to usher school athletics, as a prodigal son, back into the presence of its Father.

Manhood and Sports in Protestant America, 1880-1920

novel Tom Brown's School Days did much to promote muscular Christianity throughout the English-speaking world. Muscular Christianity is a philosophical movement that originated in England in the midth. The history and lasting effects of the Muscular Christianity movement of the early s. Here are just some of the topics this short ebook will cover.

Chris Armstrong is managing editor of Christian History magazine. Research for this article conducted by Christian History editorial resident Collin Hansen. More Christian History, including a list of events that occurred this week in the church's past, is available at ChristianHistory. Subscriptions to the quarterly print magazine are also available. Click for reprint information. For a careful, revealing portrait of how muscular Christianity grew and changed as America developed it from its British roots, see Muscular Christianity Baker: by Wheaton professors Tony Ladd and James A.

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How can Jonathan Edwards and the Macho Gospel coexist, anyway? Chandler posted a blog post on the A29 website a while back.. His father, mother and step mother another fervent Methodist were all instrumental in instilling in Robert a firm Biblical and ecclesiastical foundation which served him the rest of his life. We want to hear what you think about this article. I have confessed before, his public silence bothers me, but this by no means shows me he has been ok with everything Driscoll has done. He contributes to the literature on masculinity in crucial ways, blending new data with information previously brought to light in other works and helping us see the latter from a fresh perspective. How do you see that?

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Art of Manliness Podcast #126: Christianity, Masculinity, and Manly Maxims With Stephen Mansfield

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Join in on Facebook. Within five years though "the position of the society was not very encouraging" as membership had remained low. Two years later this Association was prospering, but one "essential part of the programme" was lacking; that is a gymnastics class. Cycling and rambling clubs were some compensatio n, but one correspondent at least looked forward to the establishment of a gymnasium in Gateshead. In South Shields, an industrial enclave at the mouth of the same river, the foundation of a YMCA was ostentatiously announced in l By the end of September the branch had 78 members, and occupied a reading room and a lavatory.

The branch's cycling club was "flourishing;" its rugby club had lifted the county Junior Cup, and a cricket club was in the midst of being formed.

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Further south in the growing town of Sunderland initial progress was a little less faltering. A YMCA branch "similar in its character to other associations" was founded in , the first secretary being Frank Caws, a young architect who had arrived in the town from the Isle of Wight, by way of London, in An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.