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However, the state of this moment of freedom of expression can be characterized by the decline, retreat and contraction of freedom of expression after the aggravation of war, terrorism and disorder in Syria.

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This contraction has been accompanied with the emergence of the Islamic jurisprudential perspective which rations, phagocytizes and penalizes the freedom of expression. Thus, Syrians became before a rise in the freedom of expression and the possibility to realise it, on one hand, and before its decline and digestion into the fiqh inheritance, on the other.

In the process of interpreting the ideal of freedom of expression into lived reality in the Arab culture, there emerges the Fiqh obstacle to delay and hinder its realisation, working, thus, in synergy with the war, terrorism, despotism and disorder. Thus, we see the Fiqh discourse canonizing the freedom of expression, which justifies the reality and ascribes a kind of mental and religious legitimacy to it, while, at the same time, it bans and suppresses the freedom of expression, which criticizes and opposes it, or epistemologically overcomes and breaks up with it.

Though the Fiqh does not answer or respond to tangible existential problems, and to abstract epistemological problems raised by the revolution of freedom and dignity in Syria, it is still prevailing as a mainstream that has no answers other than those provided by the traditional Islamic jurisprudence about problems that have nothing to do with the current moment. It is worth mentioning here that our Syrian society is no longer a perfect natural society, like that of bees and ants; rather, it is an imperfect epistemological one that seeks to perfection but does not achieve it; this means that the Syrian society is a historical, intentional, rational, realistic and current, and not a mere existence like the existence of rocks, or like an existence in the jurisprudential past.

Yes, rocks exist and people exist, but the existence of people is much more than the existence of rocks, and needs so many definitions and new perspectives rather than the jurisprudential one. The Syrian society has become a world, reality, history and will… it has become knowledge and not jurisprudence. Thus, the case lays dead or as a shapeless substance on the bed of Fiqh. What we need in Syria is to have freedom of expression open for our mental judgments as a compass to lead our route. We also need the Islamic jurisprudence to restrict itself to its domain.

What happens now is that Fiqh legislates for freedom of expression, judgments and mental reasoning, getting beyond its domain.

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This way, the Fiqh practices itself searching for a principle for what it supposes to be a branch, for an old origin for any new thing. It does that by measuring against the old and the principle, depending on the ancient texts which it believes to contain everything.

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The failure to achieve an epistemological discontinuity with the Fiqh , therefore, enhances the Fiqh obstacle in the face of freedom of expression, and confirms the circulation in a vicious circle ending with further decline of freedom of expression. Mental health issues are on the rise and the topic is attracting attention.

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Amalia Wirth - Ideal Freedom. likes. Ideal Freedom provides guidance on changing your mindset and offers opportunities for you to find what your. While concepts of freedom are many and varied, the ideal of freedom itself is one which awakens a response in every human being. Such a universal innate.

The general public see the fame, fortune and luxury lifestyles enjoyed by those who have 'made it. Having copyrights, money or opportunities stolen from them has had a profoundly negative effect on musicians over many decades.

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The music business has always been very good at taking assets from people: now it must learn to give them back. Tagged with: artist's rights , artists , Business , compensation , contracts , Errol Michael Henry , ethics , freedom , Insights , legal contracts , music , music business information , music business insights , music business secrets exposed , music industry , Music Justice , music news , record labels , slavery , terms and conditions. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work! Please upgrade today! Share on Facebook Share.

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Read More. Restoration — The Lifeblood of Human Recovery 10 Aug, 0 Comments Having copyrights, money or opportunities stolen from them has had a profoundly negative effect on musicians over many decades. Women in the 20s struggled to create their own social roles separate from the men surrounding and defining them, revealing the one-sided control in a morally corrupt society. Hobbes identifies just how little humankind rarely uses good judgment. These ideals of natural rights, human judgment, and society set in motion a foundation, which would be expanded upon by John Locke.

John Locke seemed to take Thomas Hobbes ideals of a person's natural rights, and further define assumptions about human nature, suggesting we need civil society primarily for the safety of lands and industry Newton, Locke seems to build upon Hobbes' ideals describing. The Enlightenment brought a wave of new thought and information into a society dominated by one controlling force: The Church. Being the largest and richest organization in the world for centuries gave The Church the ability to squash any free thinkers.

Before the printing press, the majority of the educated and literate were the christian monks. Yet, that wealth created incredible political power for slaveholders and their representatives.

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Continuing a brutally cruel system, African slaves developed a profound …show more content…. Meanwhile, the main character of the story, Linda Brent explored all of the disturbing themes. When Linda was young, she dreamt only of escaping slavery for a better life in the North. Yet, as she grew up, and mainly after she became a mother, her unruly and independent nature was somewhat modulated. In the end, she sacrificed her innocence, physical freedom, right to motherhood and responsibilities as a granddaughter during her battle to be a free American. Moving onto the short story Blood-Burning Moon, by Jean Toomer, which is the final part within a three-part novel called Cane.

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Anava Baruch - MD. Why not add a touch of Luxury to the bathing experience. This handy step within the bath lets you use your feet to push yourself into a sitting position. Plus, you can pull yourself forward on it to reach the taps more easily, and it offers stable support as you get out of the bath. You are asleep and there is a sudden knock on the door. Authors JL Hill. There is no doubt that culture limits freedom of expression similarly as war, disorder, terrorism, despotism and power do.