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Hunters get up close and personal with a tree-climbing bear
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One day, his roommate came back and told Farris he had gotten an interview at Exxon. Farris duly wrote to the company of his interest in working there but did not get a reply.

"If you have to grow in life, you have to move around," said Ritesh Kumar, CEO, HDFC Ergo.

Up Close And Personal. Battle for Azeroth Cinematic - Zandalari Forever Finale ( Spoilers). Video Player is loading. Play Video. Play. Unmute Requires Hunter. Up Close And Personal Achievement in theHunter: Call of the Wild: Hit an animal while undetected within 15 meters (16 yards) - worth 20 GamerScore.

Coincidentally, the person he met was the same person he had written to earlier. The next day, Exxon offered Farris an interview. He was offered a full time job before he even graduated.

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The company is now a large and integrated energy group with companies covering every aspect of energy. As a leader of the company, one thing that is important to him is respect. ExxonMobil is working with Petronas on the RM10bil Tapis enhanced oil recovery project, one of the largest offshore projects of its kind in South-East Asia.

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The next field that has the potential application for similar technology would be Guntung, he says. Nothing is exported.

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Everything is operated, managed, resourced, built by, operated by, and consumed by Malaysians. Farris remembers the time he arrived in Malaysia with his wife and son three years ago on Dec Fireworks were going off, celebrating the imminent new year.

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Malaysia, he says, is a potpuri of Asian culture. Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia.

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Farris enjoys skateboarding, mountain biking and skydiving. Though he does not have a favourite sport, he mostly does mountain biking and golf in Malaysia. Respect ExxonMobil has impacted Farris the most in terms of developing his appreciation for safety. Farris tells of how he joined ExxonMobil. It has been non-stop for the past 22 years, Farris says.

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His passion grew as he moved up in the company. He believes in giving it his all in his role. ExxonMobil has invested more than RM50bil in the country so far and has 48 offshore platforms.

Many of these places offer much more visibility, so hunters must conceal themselves well so as to not be picked off by mulies at a distance. In the desert areas with lots of cover, most shots using this method tend to be close. I like using the old reliable. In more open country where shots can be longer on average, I love the 7mm.

This is definitely a flat-shooter with plenty of horsepower upon impact, and my choice is the Winchester grain PowerMax Bonded. Coupling its fps velocity and ballistic coefficient of.

Try a little calling for mule deer the next time you get the chance. I can assure you there is no more fun way to hunt these majestic animals, and if you are like me, the closer the action is, the better.

Up close and personal: Ritesh Kumar, CEO, HDFC Ergo

Getting Up Close And Personal With Mule Deer So there I was standing with my rifle on a set of shooting sticks in the middle of a patch of cholla cactus with my friend and outfitter Hunter Ross a couple of steps behind me. Hunting Tips.

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Charles B Well done brilliant???????? Sign in Join. This week the Hecs crew heads to the Hawaiian Island of Lanai to spot and stalk free range axis deer with archery tackle. That hunt was prolonged due to me being focused on one animal. We could see eight animals ranging from three or four years of age to a couple of large bulls clearly pushing eleven or twelve.

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