A Mind For Life: The Awareness Journey

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I also delved deeply into latest neuroscience research on consciousness, perception and neural networks.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Then one momentous morning in , I experienced my first shift into higher states of consciousness, an inner spiritual awakening. This was followed by days of infinite ecstasy and bliss. It was the beginning of my journey into the wisdom of my own self. I created this website to take you on the most amazing journey of your life, journey into the vast realms of awareness, into the ocean of infinite bliss and peace. My purpose is to help you break free from your limited perception of your mind, helping you experience the immensity of pure awareness.

If you are looking for a new perspective in life which can help you attain inner peace, bliss and happiness, I can help you.

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And if you are looking for spiritual growth and discovering the states of pure self-awareness, I can give you key insights which will help you on your journey. I firmly believe that everyone can discover these amazing states of boundless peace and stillness. You can find meaning, bliss and joy in this very life, by understanding and practicing simple meditation steps.

I have stripped away all confusing religious and metaphysical concepts, focusing more on secular, rational and scientific enquiry.

Without depth, stillness and a profound sense of well being, life has no meaning. But there is hope. Infinite peace, happiness and bliss is possible for everyone.

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On this website you will find deep insights into self and awakening, resources and a step by step meditation process to access ever more sublime states of being. I will share with you the deep insights into awareness and meditation which I gained in my amazing spiritual journey.

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But maybe we go further. We just experience looking through the witness, which is to say, we examine the witness. What do we find?

Nature Awareness Journey: How The Forest Can Change Your Life

We find that the witness has no end, and no beginning. It has no boundary and no horizon.

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It has no center and no edge. Now we are going into the heart of absolute awareness. There is pure grace as we approach the final state. Final reality. If we keep going, as we examine the witness, and find nothing beyond it, through it, around it, we realize ourselves in a new way.

Seven (7) Skills in Self-awareness that create Happiness on the Journey of Life – Gabriel Lubale

Suddenly we are one. There is no boundary between seer and seen anymore. Everything is witnessing everything, and therefore seeing is being seen. There is just pure awareness. There is only awareness shining through everything. It is one oceanic awareness, and all witnesses are only its reflections reflecting one another. So what is final reality like? A better word for final reality is potential. Everything is there, and nothing is there. There is pure possibility, which is impossible to see in, through, with waking consciousness.

It is precisely like that.


If you open your eyes when experiencing this mirror like clarity, this unstained luminosity, you will see the same old world. After Zen, a mountain is just a mountain, and so on. But the experience of seeing will be utterly transformed: the world is not something you are in anymore. The world is something flowing through you.

The experience of final reality is simple.

Interview with BKS Iyengar

A Mind For Life: The Awareness Journey [Mark Abraham] on umigoqofym.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The single most impacting factor in our lives is. The single most impacting factor in our lives is our state of mind and the resulting emotions these states create. Everything we do, the frame of mind we are in.

You are returning home to the source. The difference in final reality is the intensity and magnitude of the experience. You will know beyond any idea of knowing that you came from love, you will come home to love, and all that is happening in between is seeing being seen. So nothing has ever happened at all.

There was just seeing seeing itself, and in that act of seeing, as it crossed the stars, you were born, you lived, you died, you held, you suffered, you laughed. And yet beneath, through, with, the agony, grief, pain, joy, hurt, beauty there was a truer you.

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In order to grow our perceptual abilities we need to wake-up our 5 senses and apply that awareness towards the most stimulating environment on the planet… nature! Know how you fit in. Join us today! At each point in the funnel, as consumers whittled down their brand options, marketers would attempt to sway their decisions. We offer:.

The seer was always just seeing itself. You were not even the eye. You were just the light of seeing. Now there is an explosion of peace and stillness, of gratitude and beauty, of silence and knowledge, deep in the troubled and fragile heart at last.

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It stays in you, with you, shines through you. But you always were. You have only discovered yourself now. There are just waves on this ocean.

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The ocean holds each one with perfect grace. Sign in.